Open Positions:


Lauren Kim, SIO PhD student (2020 – )

Sarah Ogle, SIO PhD student (2020 – )

Laney Wicker, SIO PhD student (2021 – )

Paolo Urbano, Applied Mathematics and Biology Undergraduate Student (2023 – )


Zhongqi Zheng, BS Environmental Systems Program (2023); UC Santa Barbara PhD Student (2023 – )

Clara Medina, UC LEADS / UCSD STARS Program (2022); Stanford University PhD Student (2023 – )

Anna Dimitrova, SIO Postdoctoral Scholar (2022); SIO Postdoctoral Scholar (2020 – )

Deepika Bagaria, MPP School of Global Policy and Strategy (2022); EDF Renewables North America (2022 – )

Beichen Lyu, MS Computer Science and Engineering (2021); Princeton University PhD Student (2023 – )

Environment & Policy Group (EPG) Faculty:

The EPG, led by Professors Burney, Levy, and Ricke, operates across the Scripps Institution of Oceanography and the School of Global Policy and Strategy. The EPG provides an interdisciplinary research community for affiliated Postdoctoral Scholars and Graduate and Undergraduate Students.

Prof. Jennifer Burney

Prof. Morgan Levy

Prof. Kate Ricke


For more information, or to inquire about available positions, please contact Morgan Levy (mclevy [at]